There are many benefits to signing up for a dental membership plan and one of the most important reasons for you as a patient is that it helps you stay on track with your oral health. Having consistent dental care is the #1 way to decrease the cost of oral health. Plus, by joining our dental membership plan, you will immediately begin to receive the care you need at a price you can afford. No matter which plan you choose, you can save up to 60% on your oral health care!

We offer membership plans for adults and children and even plans specific to those who have a history of periodontal issues. Each plan covers your preventive care for the entire year such as regular cleanings and exams. There are also additional discounts on procedures outside of your preventative care coverage including elective procedures. Now you can achieve the bright, healthy smile you’ve been dreaming about at an affordable price.

Plans are personalized to meet your individual needs, providing you with benefits that surpass those provided by your insurance company. Becoming a member will help alleviate the headache of insurance and all of the technicalities that come with it. Plus, you won’t have to deal with any insurance verifications or denials. It will be very clear on exactly what is included, and not included, in your coverage upon sign up of your dental membership plan.

Best of all, you can keep your current dentist! Nothing will change about your visits with us - except now you’ll be relieved leaving your appointments knowing how much money you’ve saved since signing up for our membership plan! You will still receive the same level of top-notch care with our advanced technology and caring, attentive team members that you have always experienced at our practice. If you would like to sign up for our in-house dental membership plan at Belvedere Family Dentistry, or if you have further questions you would like to have answered, call us today at 704-927-5499!

An in-house dental membership plan may seem enticing with straightforward information and low price points, but many patients wonder if it is the best choice over your traditional dental insurance coverage. Here’s the short answer - yes, an in-house dental membership plan is the best solution to affordable dental care. At Belvedere Family Dentistry, we know that insurance can be a big headache. That’s why we offer our own in-house plan to make it easy on all of our patients to get the proper care they need and deserve. 

With a dental membership plan, you will have access to affordable, comprehensive dental care that alleviates the hassle of an insurance policy but does not break the bank as paying out-of-pocket for your services tends to feel. Plus, there is no fine print excluding you from getting the dental treatment you need to maintain good oral health! You know what you will get and what you will pay up front when you first sign up for one of our plans.

Not only do we have a variety of plans to choose from for both children and adults, we offer additional savings on services that fall outside of these plans to further save you money. Every plan we put together includes two professional cleanings, two regular exams, two oral screenings, routine X-rays, and even an emergency exam. Our perio plan also includes extra cleanings and exams for patients who are prone to gum disease. Our team will help choose the plan that is best for you, but overall they are each simple to understand, cover the care you need at a discounted price, and will always be reliable.  

If you are ready to save on your dental care and maintain the best oral health for you and your family, ask us for more information about our membership program. Call our front desk today at 704-927-5499 and we will be happy to help move you forward or answer any further questions you may have!

We often receive feedback from our patients that dental treatment is more expensive than they would like. Many tell us they do not want to come in for an appointment every 6 months “just for a cleaning” because they don’t want to deal with the fees and the hassle of a dental insurance policy. At Belvedere Family Dentistry we offer our own in-office dental membership plan, eliminating the middleman, and helping you maintain good oral health more easily, at a lower cost! 

So what is a dental membership plan? Most importantly, it allows dental care to be affordable without insurance. Our plan is built on transparency. Members pay either monthly or annually, depending on what works best for them financially, and they know upfront exactly what their money is covering. Not only does every plan cover all preventive care for the year, but you will also receive a discount on services outside of this umbrella - including elective procedures that are not medically necessary. 

With a dental membership plan, you have no excuse not to keep up with your regular visits with us! Your cleanings, visual exams, and dental X-rays are all taken care of when you pay upon registration. These preventive services and others covered by your plan will also diagnose and block more serious dental health issues early on, helping you to avoid larger costs that can come with advanced procedures. And by the way, registration will only take you 5 minutes.

Patients who have some kind of dental plan statistically have been more likely to accept treatment outside of the usual exam and X-rays, and in turn have better oral health than patients without a dental plan. If you have further questions about dental membership plans, or would like to become a member of our in-office plan, please call us at (704) 927-5499 today!

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