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Circumstances Where a Dental Crown May Improve Your Oral Health

A dental crown is a common procedure from Belvedere Family Dentistry. Not only can they provide you with the high-quality crown you’re in need of, but they can better your oral health overall. This is something that you wouldn’t normally be able to get when the time comes. Through the use of a dental crown, however, there are many benefits that come from it.


Benefits of a Dental Crown

Circumstances Where a Dental Crown May Improve Your Oral HealthIf you have cracked, missing, or chipping teeth, then they can be unsightly. You want something that is going to cover over this area. A dental crown can fix the crack or chip in the tooth. This removes the pain and makes the tooth healthy again. A crown will also keep a tooth that is falling apart together. This helps the person keep their tooth, instead of having to replace it with an implant or with dentures. When the dental crown is placed in the mouth, it mimics the look and feel of the other teeth. This then provides a way to hide areas of concern in the mouth.


Clean Up Your Teeth

When the time comes to clean up your teeth, you can make sure to get all that you need. Not only is the dentist able to come in and fit you with crowns, but you can straighten and brighten your smile. This allows you to have the confidence you once had back. You have the opportunity to cover those unsightly areas when you use crowns on your teeth. Crowns are not fake teeth, but a cover placed over a broken, chipped, or missing tooth and can provide the necessary coverage your tooth requires to remain stable.

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