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Teaching Children About Proper Oral Habits Needs to Start Young

When you and your family come in and visit us as Belvedere Family Dentistry, we couldn’t be happier. We love seeing the entire family, and want to begin seeing each new family member as soon as they have their first tooth. The younger you start educating them about how to properly care for their teeth, the better. If we instill the right knowledge and inspiration in them now, come adulthood, they will cherish how they care for their teeth.

We Want to Start Educating Children As Young As Possible

Teaching Children About Proper Oral Habits Needs to Start YoungWe have learned throughout the years that if we begin teaching kids young, we can help them keep their teeth healthy, far longer. If you wait until children are already 4 or 5 years old, sometimes they have some bad habits already. This means it can be easy for them to revert to those old habits, and that it is going to be difficult to change those habits. However, if you begin before they see their first birthday, they start off right and keep going on the right path.

We want to take the time to educate not only the children, but also their parents. The more we can teach them about how to properly get their children started with healthy habits, the more these children pick up. It’s great to often see the parents doing new things to help care for their own teeth, too.

If you have been seeking a dental home for your child, or even for your entire family, then you should come in and see us here at Belvedere Family Dentistry. We have a lot of experience helping get children excited to get to taking care of their teeth. Call our office today if you want help getting your child ready for a lifetime of optimal oral health.

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