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Times Where a Composite Filling is Best

One of the choices you will make when you are having a tooth repaired—whether it was damaged due to trauma, decay, or some other reason—is whether you should have a composite filling put in. While fillings have traditionally been constructed from metal, you do have the option of having your filling created out of a dental composite material.

A composite filling is fabricated out of a resin-like material that mimics the natural appearance of your teeth. In contrast to a tooth with a metal filling, which stands out from the other teeth in your mouth, a tooth with a composite filling will blend in and be virtually impossible to detect.

Places Where Composite Fillings May Be Best

Times Where a Composite Filling is BestGenerally, you will want to consider getting a composite filling if the tooth to be repaired is one of the teeth in the front of your mouth. Unlike your molars, your incisors and canine teeth are on display pretty much every time you open your mouth. If you are getting a filling in one of these teeth, you might want to go with a composite filling.

Considerations with Composite Fillings

Of course, composite fillings do have some disadvantages to traditional metal fillings. For one thing, they are simply not as durable as their metal counterparts. For another, the materials used to fashion a composite filling can begin to change color over time. This is especially true if you drink things such as coffee, tea, or red wine.

Also, keep in mind that composite fillings frequently cost more than metal fillings. This is simply due to the price of the materials used in constructing the composite fillings.

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