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Ways of Helping Kids Improve Their Oral Health

Helping your kids improve their oral health makes your life easier and helps establish lifelong good habits. But what do you do when your kids don’t seem to want to improve their oral health? Sometimes, the answer is as simple as breaking things down in a way they can understand, and taking steps to make oral hygiene practices fun and interesting.

Educate Your Kids

Ways of Helping Kids Improve Their Oral HealthKids don’t understand things like bacterial colonies, tartar buildup, or the concept of gum disease. When they see toothbrushes, they just see something that adults use for unknown reasons.

You can change this. Sit down with your child and explain to him or her exactly why it is important to have good oral health. Of course, you want to use simple terms and concepts that they can understand. Instead of saying “bacteria” you could just say “germs” or even just explain the concept of little creatures living in their mouths.

Make Oral Health Fun

Don’t just expect your kids to brush; make it fun for them! Set a timer, or teach them to hum a song while they brush. Play a game in which they have to scrub all sides of the teeth. Whatever you do, make oral hygiene time a fun time.

Spend some time doing research on the Internet. There are a number of games you can play, or other things you can do, in order to make what might seem to your kids to be a boring chore into a fun and interesting activity.

We care about helping kids improve their oral health, and we want to do our part to make this happen. Part of that is establishing a regular professional cleaning schedule. At Belvedere Family Dentistry, we are excited to be a part of your children’s lives, so bring them in for a routine checkup today!

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