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Why You Need New Dental X-Rays Each Year

Belvedere Family Dentistry welcomes one and all to come in for their cleaning, check up and dental X-rays. With the need to have these checks up done each year, many people wonder why. This can be a lot of procedures to do each year and so many wonder why they’re necessary. Wouldn’t the information be the same, since it has not been that long ago since the first? Here is some information on dental x-rays and why you’d need them every year.


Why Dental X-Rays are Needed Every Year

Why You Need New Dental X-Rays Each YearWhen you’re thinking about obtaining dental X-rays, they should be just a year apart. The reason for this is because you can have a significant change in your dental X-rays in just a year. This might seem like something that is hard to believe, but many things can happen in that year. These X-rays are essential because the dentist needs to know what needs to be done to the teeth in order to give the best possible plan of action to the patient.


Cleanings are a Must Each Year – Usually Twice!

Dental x-rays are done during each cleaning. This is something that can be done right in the chair, or you may need a different type of X-ray. Depending on what is on file, you will be told the best plan of action regarding the X-rays. They do not hurt and take only a minute to complete. Then, you will have your cleaning and exam done during the appointment.

Speak with Belvedere Family Dentistry to find out how to book your appointment. Don’t leave any issues untreated for too long before seeking help. The dentists can provide you with the best plan of action to make sure your teeth are in the best shape.

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