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Teaching Children About Proper Oral Habits Needs to Start Young

When you and your family come in and visit us as Belvedere Family Dentistry, we couldn’t be happier. We love seeing the entire family, and want to begin seeing each new family member as soon as they have their first tooth. The younger you start educating them about how to properly care for their teeth, the better. If we instill the right knowledge and inspiration in them now, come adulthood, they will cherish how they care for their teeth. We Want to Start Educating Children As Young As Possible We have learned throughout the years that if we begin teaching kids young, we can help them keep their...

Pediatric Dentistry for Various Issues

When your kids are complaining of a toothache, you know that you need to call up the children’s dentist. While maintaining regular appointments is important, so is knowing about other times when you may need to visit the local dentist office for your kids. Car Accidents Involvement in a car accident is frightening, and after it, you are likely focusing on how happy you are that everyone is okay. Going to the local dentist office may be far from the forefront of your mind. However, scheduling an appointment when the mouth was injured or hit in any way is an important part of dental hygiene....