When your kids are complaining of a toothache, you know that you need to call up the children’s dentist. While maintaining regular appointments is important, so is knowing about other times when you may need to visit the local dentist office for your kids.

Car Accidents
Involvement in a car accident is frightening, and after it, you are likely focusing on how happy you are that everyone is okay. Going to the local dentist office may be far from the forefront of your mind. However, scheduling an appointment when the mouth was injured or hit in any way is an important part of dental hygiene. Even if you do not see any surface-level issues, problems may lurk under the surface that could lead to more serious issues later on.

Whether your children are involved in sports or they have not yet quite mastered the art of climbing the stairs, you should recognize how injuries can influence their dental hygiene. Sometimes, as in the case of broken teeth or bleeding gums, the need for a dentist is obvious. However, in others, you may not recognize what is happening beyond what your eye can see.

After Emergency Room Visits
At times, you may have to visit the emergency room or the emergency dentist because an incident happens after hours. Even though the situation is likely resolved, you should still follow-up with your regular dentist. These issues could lead to other problems. Also, it is important that the regular dentist has an accurate file of what happened to your children.

Recurring Complaints
You may not always take all of your children’s complaints seriously, especially if they have become known for their excessive whining. However, you need to know when the time has come to step in. If, for example, your kids are constantly saying that parts of their mouths hurt, you need to listen to what they are saying and take them to the dentist before the problems become more serious. You can call ahead too to see if the dentist can offer any advice over the phone.

Going to the pediatric dentist is more than just regular visits. Instead, you want to make sure you see a professional whenever something isn’t right. To get started on this journey, give our office a call today!

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