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Although most people view cosmetic services as purely aesthetically beneficial, having well-aligned or shaped teeth can actually be helpful to your overall health.


Dental veneers are a specially made shell of porcelain material intended to cover the front and side of your tooth. This custom-made shell is tooth-colored and individually fabricated for each patient to match the appearance of your natural teeth. Veneers are also designed to function just as your natural tooth would, with the ability to bite and chew normally. They also require the same dental care routine with daily brushing and flossing and regularly scheduled dental appointments.


Our dental team offers a variety of solutions to cosmetic teeth whitening. After a thorough exam and consultation, we will help you decide which method of whitening is best suited for your individual oral history and healthcare needs. With professional in-office whitening treatments, you will see your desired results very quickly! If you prefer to whiten your teeth on your own time (we know it can be hard to fit in an extra visit to the dentist with a hectic schedule) we provide custom-fitted whitening trays for you to use in the comfort of your own home. This method may show results a bit slower but is just as effective and can be beneficial for patients who have issues with sensitivity!

Our team is ready to help you with your whitening desires, contact us today to see how we can assist you with your dream smile!

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We do our best to make it easy for you to get the beautiful smile you deserve! Our office accepts nearly all major insurance plans. Even though dental insurance is a private arrangement between you and your company, we will file your claim, handle all the paperwork, and help you get maximum insurance benefits.


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