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Going to the local dentist office for a routine cleaning or a few fillings may be commonplace to you, but it can be very frightening for young children. Even if your child has never had a bad experience, the sights, smells and sounds can be scary and having a stranger poking around with metal objects can be uncomfortable. Here are some tips for making sure your child is confident and compliant at the dentist’s office.

Seeing children smile is one of the nicest benefits of being a child’s parent or caretaker. Hearing them laugh is priceless. With care provided early in life by a children’s dentist, your child can get off to the healthiest possible start through good dental hygiene. This gives them the best chance to have healthier teeth and a white smile.

Kids’ teeth play an important part in their physical and social well-being. Although they’ll lose their baby teeth while in elementary school and possibly wisdom teeth as teens, they can also experience other dental issues that may be painful or affect their self-esteem. A children’s dentist is skilled at working with children to help keep their teeth healthy and teach effective dental hygiene. Here are a few reasons why your kids should visit a local dentist’s office twice a year for checkups.

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