Spring has sprung, but unfortunately, so have seasonal allergies. A change in season means itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy noses, and sinus headaches for those with allergies.

Below we have put together ways that seasonal allergies can affect your oral health, along with our top tips to help you reduce exposure and symptoms to allergens.

Dry Mouth - People who suffer from allergies often get stuffy noses and have to rely more heavily on mouth breathing. Having a dry mouth can be a major problem when it comes to your oral health. The dryer the mouth, the more prone you are to cavities, bad breath, and gingivitis. Saliva is a key component in the prevention of tooth decay.

Tooth Pain - If you are experiencing toothaches - mostly around your upper molars - this could be due to seasonal allergies. Sinus pressure builds up on the maxillary sinuses and pushes down on the roots of your upper molars, creating pain and discomfort.

Bad Breath - Post-nasal drip can result in bad breath and cause a sore throat and swollen tonsils. Post-nasal drip can become infected, which can cause a build-up of bacteria in your mouth. Swollen gums can make it difficult to brush effectively, also leading to bad breath.

Try these steps to help reduce your exposure and symptoms:

If you experience any pain or discomfort from seasonal allergies, please call our front desk at 704-927-5499 or submit a request for your desired appointment time and date through our easy online scheduler! Our team at Belvedere Family Dentistry is always here to help and to ensure your oral health remains in tip-top shape.

Good standing oral health takes more than just brushing and flossing - improving your toothbrushing technique, ditching sweets, and scheduling a regular checkup at Belvedere are just a few important ways to maintain good oral health.

  1. Schedule a visit at Belvedere. If you have been putting off your regular routine check-up to the dentist, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. If you are neglecting your visit due to financial reasons, we have membership plans to help alleviate any stress around your dental needs. Scheduling a yearly visit can catch problems like decay, cavities, and gum disease at an early stage. You can call Belvedere at (704) 927-5499 or visit here to submit an appointment request.
  2. Cut The Sugar. Sugar is a major culprit to cavities and tooth decay. Our mouths are full of bacteria. Some bacteria is good and others not so much. The harmful bacteria feed on the sugar and can easily turn into a bacterial infection. The first step is being mindful of your sugar intake, that includes soda and energy drinks, it would be wise to consume water instead. When you do eat sugar, it is important to brush afterward.
  3. Improve Brushing Techniques. Don’t neglect brushing your teeth and gums twice a day. If you can brush after eating, please do it. Brushing removes plaque and bacteria from your teeth. When brushing remember to brush across your teeth using a small circular motion at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. Don’t forget to give your tongue a gentle brush. This helps freshen your breath and remove any bacteria build up. Also don't forget to replace your toothbrush every three months.
  4. Floss Your Teeth. We know that flossing can be a hassle and many people forget this important process. Try putting floss or flossing picks near your bedside or on your bathroom counter to remind yourself to floss. Flossing helps remove any food or plaque that burrows itself between your teeth. If food and plaque are not removed, they can harden into tartar.
  5. Eat A Balanced Diet. Diet plays an important role in one’s mental, oral and physical health. Eating a balanced diet and limiting processed foods is important for dental health. Always read the list of ingredients on the label when grocery shopping. Gravitate towards products with minimal, clean ingredients and shop the premier of the grocery store and load up on fresh products.

Visit one of our dentists here at Belvedere Family Dentistry located in Charlotte, North Carolina, to find out how we can help your oral hygiene. If you have any questions give us a call at 704-927-5499.

We all know drinking enough water is good for our health. And when you’re feeling parched, there’s nothing better than a tall drink of ice-cold water to dampen that dry mouth of yours. But what do you do when you find yourself constantly needing to wet your whistle?

There are numerous reasons you could be suffering from dry mouth. Below are the top five.

  1. Physiologic: Sometimes having a dry mouth is just a normal part of life. Temporary anxiety, open-mouthed breathing, mild dehydration, menopause, pregnancy, and decreased saliva due to sleep are all normal causes of dry mouth.
  2. Prescription medication: Sixty-three percent of the top 200 most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S. are known to cause dry mouth. And the higher the number of medications a person takes, the higher the chance of dry mouth. That’s why as we age, we tend to experience more instances of dry mouth. It’s not necessarily age-related, but our consumption of medication may cause this side effect.
  3. Habitual use of alcohol and tobacco: Use of any of these products will dry out the oral cavity. Please drink in moderation, and make sure to up your water intake when you imbibe. As for tobacco, we always recommend quitting as soon as possible.
  4. Chronic Disease: Diabetes, Sjogren’s disease, Sarcoidosis, Hepatitic C can all cause dry mouth. Psychogenic or Idiopathic When symptoms are present without an identifiable cause (idiopathic), or because of psychological causes (psychogenic), they can be difficult to diagnose.

If you find yourself with a persistent, unidentifiable case of dry mouth, you should make an appointment with our dental professionals at Belvedere Family Dentistry. Figuring out which one is causing your dry mouth is so important because a dry mouth has a big effect on your dental health. Saliva is so important for swishing away bacteria. The dryer the mouth, the more prone you are to cavities, bad breath, and gingivitis. We recommend visiting us in uptown Charlotte or your primary care doctor for a consultation on why you may be experiencing a dry mouth. Call us at 704-927-5499 or use our easy online scheduler HERE.

Are There Really Benefits of MouthWash?

Lots of our patients have questions surrounding mouthwash and the real benefits or disadvantages of using it regularly. Here’s our truth: mouthwash makes your breath smell good, but it could never take the place of regular brushing and flossing. We’ve put together all the facts for you to decide whether you want to continue rinsing with your mouthwash.

A lot of brands will claim that their mouthwash cures all kinds of dental issues, and many may actually aid some of your oral hygiene problems, but by themselves they cannot keep your oral health on its A game.

The Benefits of Using Mouthwash

The benefit you receive from using mouthwash depends on the mouthwash’s active ingredient. Some brands include low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which can help whiten your teeth with minimal bleaching so your gums will not be harmed. A mouthwash based with alcohol is helpful and very effective in killing germs, helping to fight against plaque build up. One downside to an alcohol base can be abnormal dry mouth. Lastly, fluoride based mouthwash brands can prevent cavities during a full minute rinse (as the label instructs for best effects.)

What Will Happen If You Quit Using Mouthwash?

The most beneficial and important steps you can take to maintain good oral health are thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth daily as well as attending your regular professional cleanings with us at Belvedere Family Dentistry. Outside of those methods, mouthwash is really important on a case by case basis. If you are prone to cavities or periodontal disease, mouthwash could be a good option for you. Call us today at 704-927-5499 to talk to one of our dental professionals about the best cleaning regimen for your individual oral health! If you would prefer an in person evaluation, please take just one minute to use our easy online appointment scheduler to book your next visit HERE!

Seeing some red in the sink after brushing or flossing may raise an eyebrow or two. It may seem like your gums are bleeding for no reason. But before you venture down the rabbit hole of what-ifs, consider these common causes of bleeding gums.

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

When It’s Time for a Visit

If you do make these suggested changes to your oral health routine but the bleeding doesn’t improve within 10 days, it’s best to come in to Belvedere Family Dentistry for a visit. Give us a call today at 704-927-5499 or schedule your next appointment online now!

A power flosser is a popular tool on the market. They are often called water flossers. They are a machine that allows you to floss your teeth with water. They get into those hard to reach areas and ensure that the plaque and build up which is normally there is not there anymore. With this in mind, you can consider the benefits that come from a power flosser and whether or not they are right for you.


Benefits of a Power Flosser

There are numerous benefits that come with a power flosser. You can be sure that you’re using these benefits to your advantage when the time comes. Many find that these are the solution to their flossing needs, while others include it in their oral hygiene routine, along with regular flossing.

  1. Get into those hard to reach or see places when it comes to using a water flosser over regular floss
  2. Remove build up in a faster, less invasive way then using the floss that would cut through the gums and only remove some of the build up
  3. Add fresh mint flavor to the flosser with the use of mouthwash that helps to reduce the bacteria hidden in the mouth
  4. Easy to use and more fun than using a regular piece of oral floss inside the mouth
  5. More comfortable to floss the teeth and gums with over the use of regular floss that is found being used inside the mouth which can cause further issues when it is used too rough or too gently

If you want more information about a water power flosser or want to schedule a cleaning, call our professionals here at Belvedere Family Dentistry and we can provide you with an appointment to be seen. Our dentists are friendly and knowledgeable on all things oral. Speak with the top dentists in Charlotte, NC today.

Oral hygiene/dental hygiene means the overall maintenance of the mouth, gums and teeth. It includes daily maintenance at home as well as regular dental checkups and professional teeth-cleaning treatments. Just as it is important for you to brush and floss your teeth regularly, it is equally important that you get professional cleanings done from your dentist/dental hygienist. This is the best way of keeping your natural teeth for years to come.

The Oral Hygiene Process

Regardless of how religiously and meticulously you brush & floss every day, over time there will be a build-up of calculus on the teeth. As this calculus builds under the gum line, bacteria begin invading the area and can lead to a range of dental problems. Your dental hygienist will ensure that this calculus build-up is eliminated. This helps in maintaining optimum oral health.

Maintaining Oral Health

Dental hygienists are experts at scraping away all the hard plaque & in removing calculus deposits. They take x-rays for your dentist and the latter will check thoroughly for dental decay, tumors, cysts or changes in the bone-support of the teeth.

Once the hygienist has finished cleaning the teeth, your dentist will then examine your gums and teeth for any signs of gum disease or tooth decay. The American Dental Association recommends that patients should visit the dentist & dental hygienist 2 times every year. This goes a long way in promoting good oral health.

A healthy and beautiful smile instills confidence in yourself. You make the people around you happy by smiling all the time and you are more popular among your peers. If it’s time for you to improve the look of your smile, use the following nine tips to obtaining a healthier and more confident smile:

1. Brush Twice Daily and Floss

One of the most basic dental hygiene tips you’ll here often is to brush at least twice a day and floss in the morning. This will help keep your teeth clean and free from any food particles, and will also help prevent staining if you brush at the proper times.

2. Visit Your Local Dental Office At Least Twice a Year

Standard dental insurance policies allow for patients to visit our Uptown Charlotte dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. During these visits, the dentist will examine your teeth, take x-rays and inform you of any potential issues. The hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning that can’t be done at home.

3. Try Off-The-Shelf Whitening Products

If you’re worried about the color of your teeth, try some basic whitening products to see if any of them work. Whitening tooth paste costs the same as regular tooth paste, and whitening mouth wash can be very effective as well. If you don’t notice any changes within a couple of weeks but still want a whiter smile, take a trip to our local Uptown Charlotte dentist for a consultation.

4. Avoid Dry Mouth At All Costs

Dry mouth is often the root cause of a variety of dental issues, including gum disease, tooth decay, infections and more. After eating or drinking, chew a piece of gum to help your saliva flow more easily.

5. Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar and starchy foods are big culprits of tooth decay and plaque buildup. Avoid these types of foods as much as possible and stick to fruits and vegetables for the majority of your snacks. Some types of vegetables even help remove plaque and particles from between your teeth.

6. Avoid Wine and Coffee

Try to limit your coffee and wine intake to reduce the amount of stain on your teeth. Most Americans drink more than one coffee per day, which can lead to a significant stain buildup and become more difficult to remove.

7. Only Water at Night

While it may not be one of the more common dental hygiene tips, drinking water right before bed instead of other types of liquid can help prevent stain and tooth decay that may occur overnight.

8. Don’t Brush After Drinking

If you always brush your teeth after drinking an acidic beverage, it’s time to stop. Brushing your teeth after drinking soda or something similar can lead to enamel decay because you’re brushing the acid right into your teeth.

9. Don’t Wait Until It Hurts

Don’t wait to visit your local dental office until your teeth start hurting. If you know you have a cavity or some other dental issue, make an appointment to have it fixed right away. Waiting too long can lead to root canals and other painful procedures.

These days, many Uptown Charlotte residents have realized that having a professional teeth cleaning can get their pearly whites in optimal condition. However, many of these individuals don’t know how to maintain the great effects of their teeth cleaning once their Uptown Charlotte dentist has completed the job. If this is your dilemma, this article is for you. Read on to learn about several general dentistry strategies you can employ to maintain results for as long as possible:

1. Watch What You Eat.

If you’re serious about maintaining the great effects of the cleaning services provided by your Uptown Charlotte dentist, make sure that you take the time to watch what you eat. There are several foods that can cause your teeth to deteriorate, and some of them include:

• sticky candy
• soda
• coffee
• hard candy
• pickles
• alcohol

Just as there are certain foods that you should avoid, there are several foods that you should consume regularly to promote optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal for your teeth. Some of them include:

• spinach
• apples
• celery
• arugula
• almonds

2. Use The Right Toothbrush.

Once you’ve had cosmetic dentistry services that get your teeth super clean, remember that maintaining the effects will require at-home work. For example, you’ll need to ensure that you’re using the right toothbrush. The ideal brush will have soft bristles. Also keep in mind that your toothbrush needs to be replaced every two to three months. In many cases, people notice that their bristles have become bent and replace the brush at this point. However, you shouldn’t wait until this tell-tale sign appears because even a brush with straight bristles can grow blunt and cause injury to your gums and teeth.

3. Floss Regularly.

Although attaining cosmetic dentistry services is great, you won’t be able to maintain the effects that long if you don’t floss regularly. As such, be sure that you floss your teeth twice a day. Doing so will prevent the accumulation of plaque between your teeth while also decreasing your susceptibility to bad breath.

Summing It All Up

If you’re serious about maintaining the effects of cleaning services, now is the time to implement strategies that will help you do so. You can implement some or all of the oral care strategies outlined above to ensure that your pearly whites remain in tip top condition. Also be sure to call our dentist office today to schedule your professional teeth cleaning.

Thanksgiving remains a time of appreciation for all of the blessings of our lives. We appreciate food, family, parades and football. Be aware of the sugar content and nutritional values in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving dinner that helps to build great teeth and oral health. Your general dentist can give you more information about many of your favorite holiday foods and whether or not they are an excellent choice for your teeth.

When it comes to oral health, nothing beats regular dental exams at your local dentist office. You can help keep your mouth and teeth healthy by eating great tasting food that is healthy as well.

Thanksgiving Dinner Can Be Good For Your Oral Health

Many of the foods we enjoy at Thanksgiving are good for our teeth and our all over health. Turkey is a standard on the menu of many people celebrating the holiday. Turkey is high in protein and phosphorus, both of which are crucial for building the strength of your teeth. Phosphorus also rebuilds the enamel that protects your teeth.

Sweet potatoes, yams, and mashed potatoes (not instant mashed potatoes) are packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the teeth. They also don’t stick to the enamel of the teeth to cause tooth decay as do some of the other starches traditionally eaten on Thanksgiving Day. Avoid melting marshmallows on the sweet potatoes or yams to keep them healthy for your teeth. Have you ever tried sweet potatoes or yams with only a pat of butter and salt? They are naturally sweet on their own.

Green beans, salad and relish trays contain vegetables with plenty of Vitamin C and calcium to make your teeth and bones strong and build your immune system. If you make the traditional green bean casserole, cream of mushroom soup adds serving or two of calcium to the dish.

Be Thankful for Your Dentist

One meal or one piece of pumpkin pie is not going to make or break your dental health. Regular visits to your general dentist at your local dentist office will prevent many dental problems before they occur, and fix any problems or dental injuries that arise. Routine dental exams and great dental care from an excellent general dentist, in addition to healthy eating even at Thanksgiving, will keep your oral health at its best throughout the whole year and through the holidays, too.

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