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Why You Need New Dental X-Rays Each Year

Belvedere Family Dentistry welcomes one and all to come in for their cleaning, check up and dental X-rays. With the need to have these checks up done each year, many people wonder why. This can be a lot of procedures to do each year and so many wonder why they’re necessary. Wouldn’t the information be the same, since it has not been that long ago since the first? Here is some information on dental x-rays and why you’d need them every year.   Why Dental X-Rays are Needed Every Year When you’re thinking about obtaining dental X-rays, they should be just a year apart. The reason for this...

Uptown Charlotte Dentist States, Yes, Dental X-Rays Are Safe For You

Our staff relies on digital X-rays to help us diagnose oral conditions and process images at incredibly high speeds. You can also view digital X-rays in real time while we examine your mouth with an intraoral camera and upload the images to a software program. A chair side computer monitor lets you see these images as we refine areas of concern to ensure an accurate diagnosis. But are dental X-rays safe? Yes! They emit 80 percent less radiation than exposure-type X-rays and provide detailed images to improve diagnosis and treatment. We can now detect dental problems in their earliest stages without...