Most people have four wisdom teeth, two on top and two on the bottom. Wisdom teeth begin to erupt from ages 17-25. Usually, no one notices wisdom teeth until they begin to hurt.
Perplexed people with new wisdom teeth that are uncomfortable will have questions for a dentist. Here are some considerations.

If the wisdom teeth are healthy and present no problem with space, the teeth need not be removed. However, most of us have space for only about 28 teeth in our mouths. Anything more than that may present crowded conditions. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons states that 85 percent of people eventually require wisdom teeth removal. Teeth trapped in the gum under other teeth or bone are especially problematical. These are called impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal may be required for the following symptoms:
Headache or Jaw Ache
Headaches or jaw pain may be indicative of impacted wisdom teeth pushing against jaw bone.

Swollen Lymph Nodes in the Neck
Swollen lymph nodes are a sign that the body is fighting an infection. The gum over the wisdom teeth may have infection or the teeth themselves may be infected.

Difficulty Opening the Mouth
Pain and stiffness in the hinge of the jaw could indicate infection in the posterior area of the mouth where wisdom teeth erupt.

If any of these discomforts arise, please make a dental appointment with a Uptown Charlotte dentist today to have the new teeth examined and X-rayed. X-rays will determine whether the teeth are damaged or impacted and harming other teeth. Our skilled Uptown Charlotte dentist will then determine the exact location of the teeth and advise the best strategy for the wisdom teeth surgery, as symptomatic cases usually require removal. Occasionally, impacted wisdom teeth do not require wisdom teeth surgery, as they are not pressing against other teeth or bone, and show no indications of future distresses.

Pain in the jaw or gum can indicate impacted wisdom teeth. These may need to be checked, and if impacted or infected, removed. A Uptown Charlotte dentist can examine the teeth, X-ray them, and determine the best course of action for you.

Wisdom teeth surgery is often downplayed as a minor procedure. However, Wisdom tooth removal can put a great deal of strain on you. It can involve hard tugging, numerous injections and even cutting in the worst cases. Skilled Uptown Charlotte dentists can take steps to minimize the amount of pain you feel, however. The following are some things that you can do to prepare for the extraction, get through it and decrease your recovery time.

Have a Huge, Fattening Dinner
One way you can prepare for wisdom teeth surgery is by having a huge pre-midnight dinner the night before. You will not be able to eat full meals for some time after your surgery is complete. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you take in a meal that has plenty of good fat and protein so that your body can tap into the reserves when you get hungry. You should also make sure that you take a multivitamin so that you can ward off infections and build strength in your teeth.

Clean Your Mouth Well
Clean your mouth well before you go in for the wisdom tooth removal. A good rule-of-thumb practice is to brush twice, floss and then use hydrogen peroxide to rinse your mouth. This helps you to prevent infection. Also, you should apply lip balm or Vaseline to your mouth before you go in for surgery. The dentist is going to hold your mouth open very wide. The Vaseline can help you prevent crackling and chapping.

Bring a Support Person
Bring someone with you who can drive you home and support you emotionally before and after your surgery. Your partner could be a family member or friend.

Find Your Happy Place
Think of a situation, person or expression that makes you happy and puts you in a positive mood. Focus on it when your are sitting in the dentist’s chair, and it will help you get through the procedure.

Tell the Dentist of Your Worries
Let the dentist know of any worries that you have about procedures, risks, concerns and the like. A reputable dentist will not hesitate to discuss such things with you.

Call our office if you are ready to tackle that pesky wisdom tooth. You can contact us by telephone or short online form. Someone will schedule a meeting for you to assess the problem that you are facing with your wisdom tooth.

Many adults eventually have to endure wisdom teeth removal. Although it may be intimidating, the recovery process can be easy with a few tips.

Our Uptown Charlotte dentist office will be happy to assist you with the recovery process as well.

Keep Head Elevated During Sleep
After having your wisdom teeth removed, it is important to make sure your head stays upright. Lying flat increases pain and throbbing. It also changes the amount of blood flow near the incision, thus causing it to heal slower. So make sure to use multiple pillows at night to keep your head positioned in an upright angle.

Keep the Mouth Moist
If you frequently breath with an open mouth, make sure it does not dry out. Attempt to produce saliva or purchase an over the counter oral moisturizer. A dry mouth can encourage bacterial growth and slower wound healing.

Get Enough Electrolytes
Not being able to eat enough solid food post wisdom teeth removal can cause a drop in blood sugar. Maintaining a good electrolyte balance and keeping the blood stabilized is important for the recovery process. Electrolytes can be found in coconut water or sports drinks.

Massage Your Jaw
After surgery, your mouth will be fairly sore. When it is possible, gently massage your jaw joint on both sides to stimulate blood flow and to alleviate any cramping in the jaw from having it opened so wide during the procedure.

Be Careful with What You Eat
Obviously you must avoid solid foods that can put wear and tear on the mouth, such as meat and uncooked produce. Stay within the guidelines of the following foods

1. Ice creams and yogurt
2. Soups with little to no chunks
3. Pureed fruit
4. Mashed Potatoes
5. Various liquid to gel like foods i.e. Jello or pudding

Getting Started
If you are someone you know is in need of wisdom tooth extraction or has questions, please contact our Uptown Charlotte dentist office during business hours and we will be happy to assist you.

Wisdom teeth removal can be a difficult process but with these tips and tricks, you can greatly speed up the recovery process post surgery. Simply consume the right foods, keep your head in an upright position as much as possible and massage the jaw line. If tolerable, you can also apply ice packs or cool cloths to the outside of the jaw joint to relieve pain. Following these strategies will reduce your down time and reduce pain and swelling. You will be able to resume normal life quicker than you think. You may be able to recover within just two weeks. The staff at our Uptown Charlotte dentist office will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns. We will also provide information on how to properly care for your mouth after surgery.

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