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Charlotte NC Dentist Explains Why Your Tooth May Hurt After a Root Canal

Pain after a root canal is fairly common among dental patients. It is an extensive procedure that is deeply involved in the jaw, so some pain can be expected. However, our Charlotte NC dentist can explain in more detail why root canal pain occurs. During a root canal, any and all living tissue is removed, but nerve endings still exist in the ligaments that can still experience pain. Preventing root canal tooth pain is not really possible, as most causes of pain result from the surgery itself.

One possible explanation of pain after a root canal is the inflammation of periapical tissue. This could come from the instruments used by the dentist during the surgery. The instruments file off parts of the tooth that can become embedded in the periapical tissue and cause pain to the ligaments of the tooth. This pain usually goes away over time.

Pain after a root canal can also be attributed to a possible infection. As with any surgery, root canals run a risk of infection. These can usually be cured without further surgical treatment, but if the infection is persistent, it may need to be retreated. If the infection is due to a fracture of the tooth that was root canaled, there is not much hope to be had for the infection to go away. Extraction is indicated in the case of tooth fracture.

A less common cause of root canal pain is nerve sensitivity. This is the same sensitivity experienced by people who experience phantom limb pain after amputation. Even when the tooth is gone, the pain continues as before.

Many patients are deeply interested in preventing root canal tooth pain. However, there is not much to be done to prevent these occurrences of pain that arise during the surgery. If your root canal pain persists, contact a local Charlotte NC dentist for advice on pain relief.

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