Thanksgiving remains a time of appreciation for all of the blessings of our lives. We appreciate food, family, parades and football. Be aware of the sugar content and nutritional values in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving dinner that helps to build great teeth and oral health. Your general dentist can give you more information about many of your favorite holiday foods and whether or not they are an excellent choice for your teeth.

When it comes to oral health, nothing beats regular dental exams at your local dentist office. You can help keep your mouth and teeth healthy by eating great tasting food that is healthy as well.

Thanksgiving Dinner Can Be Good For Your Oral Health

Many of the foods we enjoy at Thanksgiving are good for our teeth and our all over health. Turkey is a standard on the menu of many people celebrating the holiday. Turkey is high in protein and phosphorus, both of which are crucial for building the strength of your teeth. Phosphorus also rebuilds the enamel that protects your teeth.

Sweet potatoes, yams, and mashed potatoes (not instant mashed potatoes) are packed with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the teeth. They also don’t stick to the enamel of the teeth to cause tooth decay as do some of the other starches traditionally eaten on Thanksgiving Day. Avoid melting marshmallows on the sweet potatoes or yams to keep them healthy for your teeth. Have you ever tried sweet potatoes or yams with only a pat of butter and salt? They are naturally sweet on their own.

Green beans, salad and relish trays contain vegetables with plenty of Vitamin C and calcium to make your teeth and bones strong and build your immune system. If you make the traditional green bean casserole, cream of mushroom soup adds serving or two of calcium to the dish.

Be Thankful for Your Dentist

One meal or one piece of pumpkin pie is not going to make or break your dental health. Regular visits to your general dentist at your local dentist office will prevent many dental problems before they occur, and fix any problems or dental injuries that arise. Routine dental exams and great dental care from an excellent general dentist, in addition to healthy eating even at Thanksgiving, will keep your oral health at its best throughout the whole year and through the holidays, too.

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