Do you loathe going to the dentist? Goodness knows you’re not alone! There are countless people out there who are neglecting a crucial part of their dental health. A trip to your local dentist office is unlikely to be brilliantly fun, but it’s absolutely necessary from time to time. Here’s why.

Dental Exams Are Impossible To Fail

In recent years, some parts of the medical community have come clean about over-emphasizing how important they are. General practitioners no longer recommend physical exams every year the way they used to. Even obstetricians are cutting back on the amount of high-intensity care they recommend for mothers. Your friendly general dentist is different, though. When he or she says you need to come in every six months, you must obey.

A general dental check-up is of course designed to root out any signs of serious problems with your teeth. Beyond looking for new problems, though, dental exams perform a number of essential maintenance tasks you simply cannot handle on your own. Getting rid of plaque and tartar build-up is something you have to do regularly, and you’ll need a dentist’s help to do it.

Your Local Dentist Office Needs To Be Convenient

One important factor to look for when it comes to your routine dental needs is convenience. While traveling a long distance makes sense if you have a very specific dental issue to take care of, for general maintenance and check-ups convenience trumps all other factors.

Keep in mind that in this case convenience is about more than just proximity! A truly convenient dentist is one that makes you feel comfortable and puts you at ease. (The more relaxed you are during an ordinary dental inspection, the smoother everything will go!) There’s a financial component, too — a dentist office that’s fully covered by your health insurance is a lot more convenient than one that makes you pay out of pocket.

A Good General Dentist Can Draw On Other Professionals

Besides taking care of the regular maintenance and cleaning work that your teeth need, your local dentist is also your prime point of contact for every issue relating to dental health and hygiene. If you find yourself in need of some of those specialized services, there’s no one better to recommend an expert than a dentist who’s already thoroughly familiar with your teeth.

While you might not be able to solve all of your problems at your regular dentist’s office, the odds are very good that you can learn about all of them and plot an effective course of treatment there. Whether you have a specific dental issue or just need to get back into the habit of regular check-ups, talk to your local dentist today!

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