For so many, a cup of coffee is a non-negotiable requirement. But unfortunately, coffee is one of the worst things to consume if you want white teeth and is a common cosmetic dentistry issue. The coffee splashing regularly on your teeth will yellow them. Luckily, treatments can undo the effects of all those years of coffee and bring back that smile.

Why Your Teeth Stain

While enamel it is not a smooth surface. There are grooves that provide places where staining agents can accumulate, allowing for your teeth to become more stained.

Correcting Your Smile

The best way to correct your stained smile is to have it corrected by a Uptown Charlotte dentist. While there are at-home treatments that can brighten your smile, you won’t be able to get your teeth to a shade that looks natural. Your teeth will still look discolored if you have your teeth whitened by whitening strips or whitening toothpaste.

Your general dentist will need to remove your plaque in order to eliminate the stains on your teeth. A lot of what is stained on your teeth is not the enamel itself, but the plaque that forms on your teeth. The treatment will be effective, but your white teeth will only last if you take good care of them and avoid drinking too much coffee. Therefore, if you want your teeth to remain white, while also consuming coffee, you will need to periodically have your teeth whitening treatment general dentist again.

Preventing Stains From Returning

Of course, the best way to avoid having your teeth stained by coffee to complement your cosmetic dentistry treatments is to not drink coffee. If you can gradually wean yourself off coffee, your teeth will be much whiter after you have had a teeth whitening treatment from a Uptown Charlotte dentist.

Drinking coffee less often and brushing your teeth after having coffee will also help prevent stains. The best way to drink coffee is during a single, specific break rather than sipping coffee all day. Drinking coffee all at once will also give you a better boost of energy than the slow ingestion of coffee.

If you are unhappy with your coffee-stained teeth, contact our dentist office to schedule an appointment.

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