Repairing Chipped Teeth with Dental Restorations

Anyone with a chipped tooth wants a repair that leads to a normal appearance and sturdy biting surface. Custom-made dental crowns are the best way to fix damaged teeth to provide a gorgeous smile while making it easy to consume healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and fruit. Finding a dentist in Charlotte NC with an understanding of creating natural looking restorations is imperative when teeth are damaged. Dentists have different specialties, including the field of cosmetic dentistry that focuses on the appearance of teeth in addition to structural repair. It is simple to find a dental facility that makes restorations by looking online or in telephone directories.

Get Dental Restorations that are Aesthetically Pleasing

In the past, dental crowns were made of metals that provided a strong surface to chew food but were unsightly. Eventually, dental laboratories learned how to coat or cover the metal restorations with porcelain to make a tooth aesthetically pleasing. However, porcelain restorations would often require repair due to cracks or chips along with needing extensive cleaning to remove stains from beverages and food. Today, there are fantastic composite materials to make restorations that look nice and last a long time without needing a repair or replacement. After finding a dentist in Charlotte NC with training and experience in prosthodontics, schedule an evaluation of a damaged tooth to have it repaired with a color matching dental restoration.

Dental Restorations are Made Quickly

Someone with a damaged tooth is probably nervous about getting a restoration because they have heard horror stories about procedures. Cosmetic dentistry has made huge advances in the past few years with faster and less painful procedures that are often completed in one office visit. Many prosthodontists have dental laboratory equipment on-site, making it possible to create an image of a restoration quickly. Dental facilities now have modern computer software that assists with three-dimensional images to make a perfect looking dental restoration. Before making the restoration, the dentist gets medical images to see the health of the facial bones and dental roots.

Restorations are Custom-Made

Patients require anesthesia as the top of the natural tooth is removed along with internal structures such as nerves and blood vessels. Dental crowns are primarily designed to cover the outer area of damaged teeth that are cracked or chipped due to vehicle accidents or sport injuries. A tooth with a smaller chip is ready to have a dental restoration without extensive treatment while a tooth with internal damage to the pulp may need endodontic therapy. Cosmetic dentistry facilities are prepared to work on a patient’s damaged tooth to provide individualized treatment to make a customized dental restoration that lasts for many years

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