Many people are afraid of visiting their dentist for a general checkup, but this is a vital step for good dental health. There are several reasons which are regularly cited by the reluctant dental patient for avoiding the pursuit of general dentistry:


  • Embarrassment: People worry about how their mouths look. The state of our teeth is socially important.
  • Dental Pain: People fear the pain of dental work, even during a general checkup.
  • Expense: People are concerned about the cost of dental work.

There is No Need to Feel Embarrassed

It’s surprising how often this comes up, but it probably shouldn’t be. We’re all more socially conscious than we like to admit. However, if you need stitches or to have a bone set, you don’t avoid going to the emergency room out of embarrassment. The doctor’s only concern is to fix the problem while helping you to avoid a recurrence. The same is true of general dentistry. Your dentist has seen worse mouths than yours, guaranteed. A regular checkup with your Uptown Charlotte dentist is just the thing to make sure that this stays true!

Dentists Practice Effective Pain Management

It’s no laughing matter: many people with serious tooth pain avoid going to the dentist out of fear of experiencing additional pain. However, their dentist will preface any painful procedures with the generous use of a variety of anesthetic agents. Tooth pain is piercing and intense, but your dentist is the one who can make it all go away.

The Cost of General Dentistry

Most dental practices are less expensive than otherwise comparable medical procedures involving other parts of the body, and dental insurance is a relatively inexpensive form of insurance to procure for oneself. If money is still the major concern, the best way to avoid the expense of complicated dental procedures is to have regular checkups. A simple cleaning, coupled with other regular maintenance, is the best way to ensure that more serious problems never rear their ugly heads.

Toothache is a Pain; Call Today for an Appointment!

If you are a resident of the Uptown Charlotte area and you are suffering from pronounced tooth pain, don’t spend a moment longer than you have to suffering from such discomfort. Give our office a call, and have a qualified Uptown Charlotte dentist make your problem go away. You’ll smile wider without all of that pain in the way!

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