Root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, involves removal of nerve chamber of a tooth or the bacteria infection within the pulp. You may require Root canal treatment in a wide range of dental conditions including deep tooth decay, trauma, or even chipping to tooth. It helps in eliminating the root cause of pain and makes the tooth usable.

There are many benefits of Root canal treatment. Most importantly, it helps in preserving your tooth. We at Belvedere Family Dentistry provide root canal therapy within the comfortable and safe setting of our dental office. We have well-qualified and experienced orthodontists to ensure effective treatment.


Contrary to common perception, root canal therapy is a simple procedure. Most of the time, the experience is similar to getting fillings. It involves providing anesthesia so that there is no discomfort and you feel fully relaxed and comfortable. A tiny hole is created to access and remove the pulp. The Cavity thus created is then cleaned thoroughly and the hole is sealed. A dental crown is placed over the tooth for protection and ensuring its longevity.

Most people are worried about Root canal pain. An experienced dentist knows how to keep their patient feeling comfortable during the procedure.


There are many Root canal symptoms that indicate that the tooth pulp is infected. This can include:

  • Swelling in the gum or jaw area around the tooth
  • Intermittent or severe toothache, which can be anything from mild to acute
  • Foul taste around a tooth
  • Pain when opening mouth or when chewing
  • Tenderness and even fever can be associated with infection in the root canal

With Root canal treatment, your dentist is able to address the root cause of these problems.


There are many advantages of having Root canal treatment. The most important ones are as following:

  • The pain associated with the root cause will go away. There will be no need to continue using pain relievers that can cause side-effects.
  • It will also help stop abscess formation.
  • It stops the spread of infection to other teeth by removing the bacteria from the tooth Cavity.
  • You can chew and bite normally a few days after the procedure.
  • Your tooth is saved because root canal therapy doesn’t involve tooth removal.

A big advantage of choosing Root canal treatment is that it saves your tooth. This means there will be no missing teeth or gaps. We at Belvedere Family Dentistry provide comprehensive dental solutions, including root canal therapy. Our experienced and well-qualified dentists can complete the procedure in a comfortable and painless way. Give us a call at 704-927-5499 or request an appointment.

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