Oral health is highly important, and its equally crucial to have a relationship with a general dentist who will become familiar with your specific needs. Whether you are new in town and seeking a local dentist office to oversee your oral care or just looking for somewhere to receive regular dental exams, you’re taking the steps necessary to maintain the smile you show the world.

How Often Should I Visit?

It’s recommended that you see your general dentist at least once per year for dental exams and cleanings. However, it’s preferable to be seen biannually. For your first visit at a new local dentist office, you can expect:

  • A new patient interview
  • Initial exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Discussion of an individualized treatment plan

What’s the Proper Way to Brush My Teeth?

Your dentist will show you in detail the proper way to care for your teeth. The toothbrush, preferably soft-bristled, should be angled along the gum line, and it’s best to use circular motions. Spend ten seconds on each quadrant quadrant for the front, back and bottom of each tooth.

Pain Management

Let’s face it. There is a possibility you, like so many others, have put off seeing a dentist because you are afraid of the visit. After all, the tools used can be loud and intimidating, and they are being used inside your mouth. Fortunately, there have been many advancements made in dentistry anesthesia, and there are numerous options to best meet your needs and provide you the level of comfort you need.

Will Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

While it’s common for wisdom teeth to be removed to relieve pressure on other teeth, this may not be necessary in your case. Your dentist will be able to analyze your teeth and decide whether this is something that would benefit you.

Local Dentist Office With a Staff That Cares

You deserve the best, and, in order to maximize your potential, its important you feel confident. Our staff specializes in ensuring you’re smile is one that radiates, and we can help you schedule regular dental exams that will ensure proper maintenance year-round. Call our office today, and we can schedule an appointment for you to meet with our general dentist in the near future.

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