Beside manner is a term that most adults know. They understand that visiting the local dentist office is more than just receiving tips on good dental hygiene; they also recognize how important feeling comfortable and connecting with the dentist is. However, when it comes to their children’s dentist, they may say that beside manner doesn’t really matter. After all, most kids don’t have a grasp on the denotation of that term anyway.

Kids Do Understand
Just because children do not know what the words mean or imply does not preclude them from understanding connections with other people. Children who are under the care of dentists exuding mean, harsh or ambivalent behavior are likely to feed off of that energy. On the other hand, kids who feel as though their dentists understand their struggles and connect with them may very well have more positive dental hygiene experiences throughout the course of their lives.

Questions and Answers
Kids must go to the local dentist’s office to keep their teeth in good shape. However, these regular appointments also help them to develop useful skills for the future. One day, they will act as the masters of their own dental destiny. Dentists who have strong bedside manner create a more comfortable environment in which children can ask questions. Kids who learn how to ask appropriate questions and to recall the answers are developing important skills for when they take themselves to the dentists.

Future Fears
Kids who have bad experiences with dentists when they are little may never forget about these issues. Even if they go to a new dentist with better bedside manner, they may still have a great deal of trepidation. In fact, when they grow older, they may begin to avoid the dentist entirely, thereby spreading this fear to their own children. Having positive experiences with dentists from the start can set kids up to care about their dental health and to develop better exchanges with the professionals as they grow older.

Children often understand more than people give them credit for, and in that sense, they can appreciate good bedside manner. Parents want to help their kids have this experience from the early days of their dental visits, so they should give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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