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Our Uptown Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist is Also a Family Dentist

Improve Dental Aesthetics

Parents and children should visit family dentist twice a year for checkups to have plaque removed from teeth or small cavities filled. However, a local dental office is also a great place to have cosmetic procedures performed that improve the appearance of the teeth or gum tissue in the mouths of adults, teenagers and children. While most individuals think of cosmetic dentistry as only necessary for improving aesthetics, a repair to a tooth can also improve its function by creating a stronger biting surface. Our cosmetic dentist near Uptown Charlotte can offer great suggestions to patients concerning changes that are quick and easy but lead to higher self-esteem.

Great for Emergencies

A good reason to use family dentist for cosmetic procedures such as veneers or crowns is because they already have an assortment of medical images available and understand a patient’s dental history. A local dental office is easier to visit in the event of an emergency such as a chipped tooth that requires a repair. A chipped or cracked tooth needs fast treatment to avoid infection that can lead to root canal problems. At the same time, a patient wants the tooth to have a pleasing appearance after the repair is completed.

Customized Dental Restorations

Our Uptown Charlotte cosmetic dentist has the ability to make many dental problems invisible to others with color matching composite fillings. With modern substances and three-dimensional imaging, it is possible for dental facilities to create customized crowns and veneers in only one day to cover a damaged tooth in the front or back of a patient’s mouth. For someone with missing teeth, dental appliances such as partial bridges, dentures or implants are essential to have a gorgeous smile along with total function in order to chew food properly. Today, a local dentist office is able to make dental appliances at its own laboratory, making the process easier for patients.

Convenient Dental Appointments

When family dentist also perform patient’s cosmetic procedures, it makes it simpler to provide oral health care every six months due to knowledge of the specific repair or dental appliance. For patients with enamel stains, having a teeth whitening or bleaching procedure during the same office visit as a cleaning is more convenient than visiting two dental facilities. Patients needing treatments for a combination of problems with natural and artificial teeth also enjoy the convenience of scheduling appointments with one dentist.

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