Dental hygiene tips apply to people of all ages. That’s why a Uptown Charlotte children s dentist gladly informs parents about their child’s dental hygiene. Children are often afraid of dentists for a variety of reasons. But once they get over their fears, they will benefit from quality dental care. There are a few things about pediatric dentistry that you may not know. These items can make a big difference in the dental health of your child.

1. 1st Birthday = 1st Dental Visit

Once your child has his or her first tooth for about six months, it is time for them to see the dentist. Tooth decay doesn’t wait for children to get older. Children must be taught how to keep their teeth clean from a very young age. The dentist will help when the child is just a toddler.

2. Juice Harms Teeth

Juice may be more nutritious than soda in general, but it still has too much sugar. Children tend to drink juice every single day. If you want your child to drink some juice, you could at least try watering it down a bit. Water and milk are much better choices for young children to maintain oral health.

3. Proper Brushing Means Everything

A Uptown Charlotte children s dentist wants to remind you that a child should follow the same tips for brushing as adults. They must brush for two solid minutes twice per day. Even though they might only have one tooth, it’s good to clean their gums and get them used to the habit of brushing their teeth.

4. Mouth Guards Are Vital

Don’t allow your child to play any sport without a mouth guard. The field of pediatric dentistry often sees gruesome injuries to the teeth, mouth, and jaw area. These injuries can be easily avoided by using a mouth guard. Choose a colorful mouth guard that your child will enjoy using.

5. Helpful Foods

One of the best dental hygiene tips involves the right foods. Lean protein, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products strengthen teeth and enamel. These foods are also good for the overall health of the child. Concentrating on these foods will help a child steer clear of less nutritious alternatives.

Oral health will follow your child all throughout his or her life. You’ll find greater success by getting them started at the youngest possible age. Uptown Charlotte dentists can provide more information if you would like to learn how to help your children achieve good oral hygiene.

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