The way you feel about your appearance can have a positive or negative effect on your self-image. If you do not like the way your smile looks, then you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry. There are many questions people often ask Charlotte dentists about cosmetic dentistry. Below are some of the most frequently asked cosmetic dentistry questions:

1. What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Mean?

Cosmetic is a term that can be used to describe a beneficial change in appearance. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry refers to dental work that is done to improve or restore a person’s appearance.

2. What Is A Cosmetic Dentist?

All Charlotte Dentists learn how to perform procedures that can improve a person’s smile. However, some dentists complete advanced training and specialize in treatments that enhance a person’s smile.

3. What Does A Smile Analysis Entail?

A smile analysis involves studying every element of a person’s smile, including jaws, gum, appearance of the teeth and alignment. A person’s facial features will also be studied.

4. What Are Some Of The Ways A Smile Can Be Improved Using 21st Century Techniques?

Today, there are numerous cosmetic procedures that can be performed at a local dentist office. Dentists can make teeth whiter, alter the shape, size and alignment of the teeth, replace missing teeth and fill in parts of a tooth that have decayed.

5. How Can A Discolored Or Chipped Tooth Be Restored?

Dentists can bond composite resin to the tooth.

6. How Can Back Teeth Be Restored If They Have Been Damaged?

Non-metallic tooth material can be applied to teeth that have traumatic injuries or cavities.

7. What Options Are Available For More Severe Tooth Problems?

Porcelain veneers, which are thin types of porcelain material, can be used to alter the appearance of undersized or misshapen teeth. Porcelain crowns can also be used.

8. What If The Teeth Do Not Meet Together Well?

Malocclusions, which are also known as bad bites, can be corrected with braces. Clear aligners or traditional braces may be used at a local dentist office. Both clear aligners and traditional braces can help move the teeth into their proper position, which gives a person a more attractive smile.

9. What If Someone Has Missing Teeth?

Many people who have cosmetic dentistry questions also want to know about the options available for missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace the roots of missing teeth. A porcelain crown will be connected to the dental implant. Porcelain crowns look just like one’s natural teeth.

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