Summer is the peak season for weddings to happen. Whether you are getting married yourself or watching someone else do it, you need to look good. Your three main goals are to lose weight, buy a nice outfit and improve your smile for the pictures. When it is time to focus on your hygiene, focus on several ways to create a smile that is ready for the camera.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone has heard of teeth whitening, but few people know how the process works. You can buy over-the-counter products that allege to whiten your teeth and clean your gums. However, the more effective option is to work closely with a general dentist.

Teeth whitening is mainly accomplished with the use of several chemicals, including peroxide. The amount of chemicals found in store-bought products are significantly less than the amount found in dentist-provided supplies. A dentist has access to the best chemicals and treatment options for your whitening.


Veneers cover the gaps and cracks that make your smile imperfect. Celebrities are known to get veneers along with people involved in serious accidents and those with poor health. The devices are made out of porcelain and bonded onto the teeth for a permanent result.

A general dentist should be able to install veneers within the office. The process takes 30 minutes to an hour without anesthesia. Earlier, a dental technician has to create the veneers in a lab. After the procedure, you have to follow up with one or more appointments. Then, you can maintain the veneers on your own and make sure they last for many years.


No one can visit the dentist without getting the teeth cleaned. Teeth cleanings are the main reason why people visit Uptown Charlotte dentists.

It may not seem important, but teeth cleaning is a very important way to improve your appearance. Cleaning teeth is the first step toward restoring your health and improving your smile.

During the summer, you want to dress less, smile more and still look good. When you are not planning for your vacation, you are getting wedding invitations left and right. Summer is also the time when you check up on your health. It is important to visit a dentist and get a professional evaluation of your teeth and gums. Uptown Charlotte dentists are there to help you schedule an appointment and improve your smile in time for any summer event.

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