Your diet is a critical part of your teeth whitening routine. You work hard to achieve a bright, beautiful smile. You may think that a few treats won’t hurt your teeth. But some foods stain teeth quite easily. An Uptown Charlotte general dentist recommends that you pay close attention to the type of foods you and your children eat. You may not realize that you are damaging your teeth until it has already happened. Take good care of your teeth by avoiding these foods as much as possible.

1. Berries

Berries are incredibly healthy for your body. But you should still eat them in moderation for good oral health. Blueberries are especially harmful to a good smile. Look at the purple juices that come out of blueberries when you squeeze them or eat them. That juice can change your tongue colors and put a layer of purple film on your teeth.

2. Sauces

Deep, red sauces can also stain those pearly white teeth. Pasta sauces are the main culprits in this group. Many people eat pasta multiple times per week. It can take as long as an hour for some people to finish a pasta meal. That’s a long time for these sauces to stay on your teeth. Ketchup is also a food that stains teeth quite easily. Try to keep consumption to a minimum.

3. Dark Chocolate

The milky texture and rich pigment of dark chocolate make it an enemy of white teeth. You should rinse your mouth thoroughly after you enjoy dark chocolate. You don’t want to allow it to stick to your tongue and teeth for too long. Dark chocolate is one of the biggest culprits in your teeth whitening routine, so be sure to limit the amount you eat.

4. Popsicles

Nothing says summer like an icy treat. But most popsicles have a large amount of food coloring inside of them. An orange popsicle will probably turn your tongue orange. That same layer of orange film also stains your teeth quite easily. A Uptown Charlotte general dentist recommends that children only eat popsicles a few times per week to maintain good oral health.

5. Hard Candies

Hard candies also feature food coloring. You want to avoid food that stains teeth, and hard candies are unique enemies to white teeth. You can suck on a piece of candy for up to half an hour before chewing it up and swallowing it. All those chemicals can paint your tongue a different color and harm the whiteness of your teeth.

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