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When you have damaged or missing teeth, you probably feel self-conscious about smiling or talking to other people. Fortunately, there are modern and fast ways to repair your unattractive teeth with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist. In most cases, it is possible to have the appearance of your teeth improved in only one or two office visits. Most procedures at dental facilities are completed quickly without a patient experiencing discomfort, but if you need local or general anesthesia, then it is available. Here are a few of the restorations available to repair or replace your missing teeth.

One: Dental Veneers Designed to Cover Tooth Damage

Dental veneers are a type of restoration that cosmetic dentists have used for many years to cover cracks or discoloration on a patient’s tooth enamel. These custom-made restorations are created from porcelain or composite materials to cover the front of damaged teeth. The thin restorations are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and with the proper care, a veneer will last for many years to create an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Two: Dental Crowns to Protect Tooth Pulp and Nerves

If you have a large cavity or diseased tooth, then a dentist can remove bacteria to save the interior pulp and nerves. To protect this interior portion of the tooth, a dental laboratory technician can create a customized color-matching dental crown that fits over the healthy part of a tooth. A dental crown helps to improve your facial appearance and provides a strong biting surface.

Three: Dental Bridges to Provide a Strong Bite

Instead of wearing a removable partial denture inside your mouth, request information about dental bridges from a dentist. This dental restoration is considered a fixed appliance because a dentist attaches the device to surrounding teeth. Dental bridges are a combination of metal wires and durable plastics that are designed to hold color-matching artificial teeth that are similar to dental crowns.

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When you have multiple missing or damaged teeth, a dentist is able to create a plan to restore a smile with an assortment of methods. In some cases, you might need more than one type of restoration to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You do not need to undergo several weeks of procedures or excruciating pain to replace or repair problems with your teeth. To schedule an appointment to learn more, contact a cosmetic dentist today.

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