Many times for whatever reason we aren’t satisfied with our current smile. Maybe it’s due to permanent teeth discoloration, or perhaps even missing teeth. It could even be due to spacing issues that impact your confidence when smiling.

Dental veneers are one option to consider. A good cosmetic dentist will be your first step in determining if these are right for you. Veneers are basically custom made wafer thin material that fit over your existing dental work to cover imperfections in your smile.

When consulting with your cosmetic dentist they will help to answer any questions you have about the process as well as make treatment recommendations for you. They will be the key to achieving that smile you’ve always wanted.

In general veneers are usually made of porcelain to deliver the best in durability as well as cosmetic appearance. The process for fitting involves adhering the porcelain shell directly to the teeth that are going to be improved. However, before the fitting is able to be completed a comprehensive oral exam must be done first. Before any alterations can take place your oral health is of top priority. This will include checking for signs of tooth decay, overall gum health, and previous dental history. By completing this step you can be sure that any dental work you invest in will last for a lifetime!

Veneers are able to provide many benefits:

  • Veneers do not change color over time and are stain resistant.
  • Virtually any imperfection is able to be covered with veneers including chips, gaps and permanent staining.
  • Veneers provide an extremely lifelike appearance.
  • Veneers are extremely durable and scratch resistant.
  • Veneers last for at least a decade for the average patient.

There are however some things to consider with veneers, such as:

  • Your natural teeth will be altered to fit the veneer shells.
  • The placement of veneers is not a reversible process.

When considering dental veneers it is extremely important to consult a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist. They will ultimately be able to walk you through the process in the most detail. They will have years of expertise and training regarding the appropriate way to match your existing tooth shade, fitting, and maintaining your new confident smile. Click here to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff to see if dental veneers are right for you!

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