Many people commonly experience the symptoms of hypersensitive teeth. These symptoms range in intensity. Sufferers will usually experience short and very sharp pain when exposed to certain things like contact with very hot or cold items of food or beverages. Additionally, this pain can be triggered by dental procedures. Hypersensitivity is never an enjoyable experience. This article will outline the condition of hypersensitive teeth as well as offer hypersensitive teeth help by providing tips to reduce sensitive teeth.

Tooth hypersensitivity usually occurs when dentin is exposed. Dentin is the layer of tooth that lies just around the nerve of the tooth. This very sensitive part of the mouth is usually covered and protected by the gums. However, gums that recede are very common for many people. For those that have gums that are recessive or chronically recede, the temporary or permanent exposure of the dentin can result in a painful experience when the dentin comes into contact with certain substances. This is what the term of hypersensitive teeth refers to.

Dental procedures may temporarily worsen the condition of hypersensitive dentin. If orthodontic appliances have been applied to the teeth recently or are currently being used, patients may experience more of this discomfort. Additionally, those who have recently undergone dental work, or even just teeth whitening procedures, the teeth may be more vulnerable to uncomfortable sensations. However, this sensitivity should only be temporary.

Those who experience prolonged pain and discomfort may have reason to be concerned about their condition. Those with the condition should consider seeking out hypersensitive teeth help from dentists in Uptown Charlotte.

The first thing that sufferers need to do is be aware of the cause of their condition. Like mentioned before, there are a variety of causes of a hypersensitive tooth condition. The best method to resolve issues is to seek professional help like the help of dentists in Uptown Charlotte.

If professional help is not immediately available, the following offers tips to reduce sensitive teeth. Those who suffer should be careful about their current teeth brushing practices. Teeth should be gently brushed with special care taken when dealing with the gums. Trouble spots should be avoided until the problem begins to see improvement, and even then, suffers should still be diligent. Additionally, special toothpastes and teeth care products can be found that are especially geared toward alleviating and helping to reduce the pain caused by hypersensitivity.

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