During the Thanksgiving holiday, you are probably going to consume more foods that contain carbohydrates such as sugar and flour. The food particles from cookies, candy and cake will stick to your dental enamel, leading to a build-up of plaque. Scheduling an appointment at your local dentist office for a teeth cleaning after the Thanksgiving holiday is a great way to prevent cavities. There are also other excellent ways to protect your teeth throughout the Thanksgiving holiday to avoid developing dental decay.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hygiene Tip One: Consume a Nutritious Diet

Continue to consume a nutritious diet despite having access to more sugary treats such as whipped cream and pumpkin pie. Fill your plate with fresh vegetables or cubes of calcium-rich cheese instead of eating a plateful of fudge or cookies. To avoid damaging your tooth enamel and gum tissue, limit the number of special treats you eat throughout the Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hygiene Tip Two: Buy an Oral Irrigator to Keep Teeth Cleaner

This is the time of year when many stores have oral irrigators at low prices, so buy yourself one of these machines to remove food debris from your mouth. General dentists recommend dental water jets to blast way the particles that collect along the bottoms of your teeth. The pulsating water from an oral irrigator is able to reach places that dental floss and toothbrushes miss to get rid of bacteria.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hygiene Tip Three: Drink a Lot of Water

Remaining hydrated during the busy Thanksgiving season can prevent dry-mouth conditions that help bacteria to proliferate. You might think that soft drinks, coffee or tea are hydrating, but these beverages contain caffeine that leads to dehydration. Bring along bottles of water in your vehicle and carryall bag in order to keep your mouth hydrated in any situation. You can also swish water through your mouth to dislodge food particles.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hygiene Tip Four: Protect Your Teeth from Accidental Damage

Make sure to protect your teeth from chips by cutting up meat carefully to avoid biting into a bone. Look carefully at treats such as pies and fudge that contain nuts to avoid biting into a hard walnut or pecan shell. Contact a general dentist immediately if any injuries occur to a tooth to have a repair that prevents infection and discomfort.

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